Welcome to
Mama Rosa’s Trattoria

Enjoy America’s favorite Italian comfort food at Mama Rosa’s Trattoria.
The only place in Temecula Wine Country where you will find a kitchen with a brick oven.

Note:  We’re not a full-service restaurant.
After placing your order at our counter, we’ll bring the food to your table and leave you alone to relax and enjoy.

Hours of Operation


As of July 1st, the state has mandated the closure of all tasting rooms. Wine tastings have temporarily been halted. Click the link below to make a reservation for our beautiful patio restaurant that is still serving 7 days a week!

Public health officials require masks to be worn when entering public areas, but may be removed while eating or drinking at table. 

MAMA ROSA'S TRATTORIA - Daily | 12pm - 5pm
951-302-8466 x5


                                             BOTTLE    GLASS

Sangiovese                            $32            $8

Big Fred’s Red                      $34            $8

Concerto                                $38           $10

Barbera                                  $39           $10

Tempranillo                          $46           $11


                                             BOTTLE    GLASS

Prosecco Sparkling             $29            $8

Prosecco Sparkling Split    $19           N/A

Pinot Grigio                           $24            $7

Vermentino                           $29            $8

Viognier                                 $28            $7

Cantata                                  $26            $7

Chardonnay                          $32            $8


                                             BOTTLE    GLASS

Sparkling La Rosa               $29            $8

La Rosa                                  $22            $7

Lyric Rose                             $29            $8


                                             BOTTLE    GLASS

Moscato di Asti Sparkling     $29          $8

Romeo (Red table wine)        $22          $7


                                                        ON TAP

Russian River Brewing                  $10

Peroni                                                 $8

SoCal Breweries                               $8


Soda                                                      $2       

Fiji Water                                             $3

Flavored San Pellegrino                $2.50

San Pellegrino                                    $3

Heineken 0.0                                      $5

Pellegrino – 1 LTR                               $6

Vino Famiglia members receive a 20% discount off the price of wine, and 10% off food and other beverages.



Meat & Cheese Board ~ 22   *GF

Chef’s daily choice of imported meats and cheeses

Bruschetta al Prosciutto ~ 18

Traditional Bruschetta with garlic, cherry tomatoes, imported prosciutto topped with arugula pesto

Roman Artichokes ~ 15   *GF

Three long-stemmed artichokes on a bed of wild baby arugula, drizzled in honey balsamic dressing and topped with asiago cheese. Served with cheese crostini

Buffalo Chicken Wings ~ 16

Chicken wings tossed in Robert’s secret sauce served with celery, carrots and gorgonzola dressing

Polpette e Marinara ~ 15

Homemade meatballs, covered in marinara, smothered in melted cheese. Served with cheese crostini

Polenta e Bolognese ~ 16

Creamy polenta topped with bolognese, asiago and fresh basil. Served with cheese crostini

Zuppa Toscana ~ 8

Potatoes and sausage in a creamy broth topped with chives. Served with cheese crostini


Big Fred’s Caesar ~ 14   *Add chicken for $7

Romaine lettuce, Parmigiano, cherry tomatoes, Big Fred’s Caesar dressing and cheese crostini

Vendemmia ~ 14   *GF   *Add chicken for $7 

Mixed greens, grapes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, crumbled gorgonzola and strawberries served with honey balsamic vinaigrette and cheese crostini

Italian Cobb ~ 20   *Add chicken for $7

Romaine, pancetta, prosciutto, soppressata, mixed olives, cherry tomatoes, gorgonzola, avocado, a hard-boiled egg and pepperoncinis served with gorgonzola dressing and cheese crostini


Italiano ~ 17   Served w/ Wild baby Arugula salad 

Prosciutto, calabrese salami, soppressata, provolone, fontina, basil, tomato w/ arugula pesto

Mama Rosa ~ 17   Served w/ Wild baby Arugula salad

Smoked turkey, prosciutto, chive goat cheese, avocado, lettuce and tomatoes

That’s a Spicy Meat-A-Ball ~ 17  |  Served w/ Wild baby Arugula salad

Meatballs in sauce, Calabrese salami, chili oil, provolone, baked & finished w/ basil & parmigiana


Spaghetti Bolognese ~ 19

Spaghetti topped with a meatball and homemade bolognese sauce, finished with fresh basil

Pancetta Mac & Cheese ~ 21

Orecchiette pasta in cheese sauce with pancetta and topped with chives. Served with a side of cheese crostini

Grilled Vegetable Ravioli ~ 19   *GF

Ravioli smothered in homemade marinara topped with asiago and fresh basil. Served with a side of cheese crostini


Julia’s Favorite ~ 17

Pizza sauce, mozzarella, fresh chopped tomatoes, basil & extra virgin olive oil

Tre Salame ~ 19

Pizza sauce, mozzarella, margarita pepperoni, calabrese & soppressata with asiago

R & R ~ 22

Truffle cream sauce, mozzarella, sausage and portobello mushrooms topped with asiago, rosemary, and truffle salt

Chicken BBQ ~ 19

Extra Virgin olive oil, mozzarella, chicken, jalapenos, red onions, & BBQ sauce

Make your own ~ 16

Choose your 4 toppings ($1 each additional):

Margarita pepperoni, sausage, soppressata, calabrese salami, prosciutto, olives, red peppers, anchovies, artichokes, pepperoncini, portobello mushrooms, onion, garlic, jalapenos, tomatoes, basil

~ no split toppings
~ Gluten friendly pizza crust optional $7

Need help?

37350 De Portola Road
Temecula, California 92592
Phone  951-302-8466 x5